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I grew up as the son of a general contractor and my dad put me to work in the summer
months at the age of 12.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making
things.  Probably like most kids coming up in the 40's and 50's, I made many of my
own toys such as wooden airplanes and sling shots.  I bought Waterberry $1.00
pocket watches at the five and dime store and took them apart within 2 or 3 days to
see what made them tick.

My first real interest was making furniture.  Next, I was drawn to old boats.  I enjoyed
stripping those old boats down inside and out and refinishing them.  Then, I used them
for fishing and shrimping.

Hunting has been a pleasure all of my life, so it was natural that my interest gravitated
toward making and hunting with black powder (Kentucky flintlock rifles).  A pursuit for
about 15 years.  I took from 300 to 400 hours to complete a flintlock rifle.  A hunting
buddy asked, me "Why don't you make a knife to go along with your rifles?"
Someone told me of a man in town that had been making knives for sometime.  This
fellow was willing to get me started making knives.
When a project has reached completion, this is when I feel gratified.  This feeling was coming more often when I made knives
rather than when I made rifles.

My father told me a long time ago,  the most valuable thing a person has is the time that has been allotted to him by God.
Whatever anyone does, if they do not have a passion and enthusiasm for the task they are doing, they will not do well.  After a
short time, I knew making knives was the work I was willing to spend a lot of my time doing.  Well, now I had found my niche.

I sold my first knife in 1989 and was astonished that someone would pay $85.00 for my work.  Since then, I think I have come a
long way.  There is always something new to learn every day.  I guess it would be boring if this were not so.  There are so
many in the business that are willing to help one another, and for that I am grateful.  For everyone who has purchased one of
my knives, I am thankful.
Sidney "Pete" Moon